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Currently, Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the United States, and other countries were available, not only because of the massive number of songs that we can find from all kinds of genres and artists, but also because it offers some of the cool features to make the user love it. But sadly, you are allowed to use these cool features, only, if you are a premium subscriber, which will cost you $9.99 per month. That’s why today in TechLaCarte, we will share in this article the ways on how to Get Spotify Premium for free on Android phones and tablets, iPhone, Windows and Mac PCs.

Since Spotify is an online music streaming platform, it is necessary to have an Internet connection to play your favorite music. What if you go on a trip, going on the metro or you have completely spent your mobile data balance, then you will not be able to listen to music through Spotify, that is, unless you have previously downloaded it.

However, to enjoy the option of downloading music from Spotify, it is necessary to have Spotify Premium, which, despite being paid, has a price of $9.99. Being a Premium user, the fact of downloading music from Spotify is very straightforward. Moreover, if you are using Spotify free account you might be know that you are forced to live in limitations implemented to the app. Here are some features you are not allowed to use without a premium subscription. You are not allowed to change the song frequently, you can only listen to music in lower audio qualities, which will not give good experience if you are intending to use it on a headphone or home theater. You cannot create your own playlist to save all your favourite songs together, if you don’t want your playlist flooded with the songs that you have no interest in.

The only solution to overcome from all the said limitations, is to get rid of the free account and upgrade to Spotify premium. But, what if you don’t have sufficient funds to subscribe to their premium service? Well, you don’t have to worry. Because there are a few ways to Get Spotify Premium for free.

Why Use Spotify Premium for Free?

When using the mobile app playlist, and the free mode music streaming is flooded with ads, some of them are not skippable; of course, it is quite annoying. The Premium mode makes the service more useful, offering many exciting features, some are listed below:

  • Unlimited Skips.
  • No ads – block all ads to give you the uninterrupted music experience.
  • Download music for offline listening.
  • 320/kbps music streaming quality (Extreme Quality).

Isn’t it cool? Now, without any further ado, we will show you how to get Spotify Premium free for Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac computers. No matter what country you are located and what kind of phone you have, we have a way to get Spotify premium free trial forever on all kinds of devices.

Spotify premium 3 Months Free Trial (Official)

Previously spotify used to give 30 days free trial to its new premium subscribers. On 22nd August 2019 Spotify published a blog post about the extension of its free trial from 30 days to 90 Days. In that post spotify said, from 22 August 2019, new users and existing users (if never been subscribed to premium before) are eligible to enjoy the first 3 months of spotify premium for free. This free trial is available to both family and individual subscription plans.

Spotify 3 months Free Trial

Spotify lite

Spotify 90 Days Free Trial

Sign Up Now!

Before we begin

Uninstall the Spotify app (Only if you are an Android or iPhone user): Before you follow the instructions to have Spotify Premium for free on your Android/iOS device, if you already have the Spotify app installed on your phone, you must uninstall the Spotify app first. No worries for PC users, you don’t have to uninstall your Spotify.

Create a Second Account: Spotify doesn’t want free users to use their premium services illegally. As a result, they started banning the accounts of the free users who are using Spotify Premium for free, and even the company sent out a warning email to the users, asking to uninstall the modified Spotify app and download Spotify app from the google play store to continue using their service.

So if you don’t want your main account to get hit by Spotify, you must create a second account and use it to try Spotify Premium for free. Once you’re done with the said things, you can go through the procedure we have shown here.

How to Get Spotify Premium for free on Android (No Root)

The best way to get free Spotify Premium for iphone or on Android devices is downloading the Spotify Premium app and installing it. It’s straightforward and not rocket science. Just follow the steps below that will walk you through the steps on how to get Spotify Premium on Android phones and tablets no root required.

1. Download the Spotify premium Apk file from the given download link, wait for the file to download completely. Make sure you have enough data to download the app. The application size is around 35 MB.

2. Open the downloaded .apk file (com.Spotify.music-mod…apk) from the download list or the “downloads” folder on your phone storage using any of the file manager apps.

3. To get Spotify free premium, tap on install button.

If you receive a warning message like “the phone security options are preventing you from installing apps using Apk file”. Select the “settings” option and in the next screen allow installation of apps from the current source by turning on the slider switch right next to it. In Android 8.0 and below need to enable the “Unknown sources” from the android settings.

Spotify premium apk installation
4. Now come back to the installation screen, now you can see the installation is enabled. Now you tap on the “install” button to begin the installation of Spotify premium app.

Spotify premium app installing

5. Sit back, and wait for the installation process to finish. Upon successful installation, you will see the two options at the bottom of the phone screen.

6. Then you have to select the “open” option; this will launch the hacked Spotify premium app.

Spotify app login

The Spotify premium app’s interface looks the same as the official Spotify app; you should have to log in to your Spotify free account. And boom! You can use all the premium features for free, no more ads, no more limitations. You can enjoy listening to your favourite tracks without any restrictions.

If you are new to Techlacarte know more free stuffs that we offer! Do you use Netflix still by paying? & you wish to have Netflix for free? we recommend you to download Netflix premium app on your phone and enjoy watching your favourite things on Netflix for free.

How to Get Spotify Premium free on iPhone (No Jailbreak)

If you want to install a hacked and modified apps like Android phones on your iPhone, luckily you can do it by the use of the third-party App Stores on iPhone, TweakBox is one of the most used and highly recommended third-party app installers out there. TweakBox come with very simple interface with which you can get all kinds of apps and games within a wide range of categories for free. No jailbreak required to use this app and no PC needed to install TweakBox.

So guys, follow the below steps to get Spotify Premium on your iPhone for free using TweakBox.

1. At first, open Safari browser on your iPhone and visit this link. This link will take you to the official TweakBox website.

2. There click on Install now button, now your phone will prompt “This website is trying to download configuration profile Select “Allow” option to download tweakbox on iPhone.

Install tweakbox

3. Once the TweakBox is downloaded, you will get a pop-up notice that says “Profile Downloaded“. Tap on close option.

4. Now go back to the home screen and open phone “Settings”. At the top, you will see the option called “Profile Downloaded” tap on it. This will open the details of the TweakBox profile you just downloaded, where you can manage it.

5. Tap on “install” button. That is located at the top right corner of your screen. You may be asked to enter your phone password to proceed. And click “Install” again.

Install tweakbox profile on iphone

6. Now go back to the home screen, and you will see the TweakBox app in your apps list.

7. Open “TweakBox > select the apps tab > scroll down to the Tweaked apps” & tap on it.

8. Now a list of mod apps will appear, scroll down until you find the app “Spotify++” select it.

9. Tap on install button, and when prompted, again you have to select the install option. The Spotify premium app will begin to download.

download spotify premium mod iOS tweakbox

10. Go back to the home screen again; there you check the download progress. Wait for its fully downloaded. This may take up to 2 or 3 minutes depending on your internet speed.

11. Once it gets installed, open it, you can see the Spotify premium app on your app drawer. Open the Spotify app. Now You may get a warning message “Untrusted enterprise developer” blah blah… Something like that. Cancel it.

12. Usually, apps downloaded from TweakBox require us to “allow installation of apps from untrusted developers” to use. You can do this from the phone’s settings.

  • On your iPhone, Open Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > Tap on the text located under the Enterprise App > Trust > When prompted, tap Trust again.

Trust Enterprise app iPhone

13. Come back to the home screen and open the Spotify app.

14. You are good to go, log in to your free Spotify account. You will be able to use all the premium features for free.

Spotify++ for iPhone

If you are an iPhone user who visits our page with the hope that you will get Spotify premium for free, we hope you got what you wanted. With Spotify++ you can skip songs unlimitedly, Listen to your favourite songs at Extreme audio Quality and No Ads at all.

How to Get Spotify Premium free on PC

If you want to have free Spotify premium on a PC with Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10, you can do so by blocking the Ads servers of the Spotify through the host file or through run the additional program with Spotify to have the premium features for free. You will be able to download music to listening offline, without ads, removes playback skip limits and unlocks High-quality sound.

Method #1

Spotify Premium free on Windows 10 PC (Edit Hosts file):

This method blocks both audio and Video Ads. You can listen to any music without being forced in random mode. The only downside of using this method is that you are not allowed to use the offline mode. Means, you cannot download songs from Spotify to listen without the Internet.

To have a Spotify premium on a PC is simpler than you think. Just follow our step by step guide here:

1. First things first, If you don’t have Spotify installed on your computer. Download and install Spotify for windows from the official website and set up Spotify with your free account.

2. Download the Spotify Premium for PC from the download link found below. It comes lightweight 358 KB only.


3. The downloaded file should be in the .bat file extension.

4. If you enter downloads folder on your PC, there you will see a file named, “install.bat”. That’s the file you just downloaded.

5. Now place your mouse at the “install.bat” file and do “Right-click” your mouse.

6. In the context menu, select the “Run as administrator” option. Now, wait for the message “Installation Complete” on the CMD window. Press the “Enter” key to close it.

Spotify Premium free on Windows 10

During the bat file installation the spotify app will get killed, the app get exit automatically.

Now you can launch the Spotify app, you no longer see Ads, and also enables other premium features except for downloading music, you can now enjoy using Spotify premium free on your PC.

Method #2

Download Music from Spotify on PC:

There are many tools available on the web to download music from Spotify and convert to MP3 on PC. However, most third-party apps are simply recording tools which will not give high-quality audio output and may take more time to finish the conversion. Among all Spotify to Mp3 Converters exist we going to use three programs that are designed to work free.

In this method, we are going to use Deezloader Remix software to download Spotify Music in 320 KB/S high quality. Since this is a music downloader designed to work with Deezer, you need to export your Spotify playlist to Deezer then use the Deezloader Remix software to convert the music to mp3 and save locally on your PC. So that you can play it whenever you wanted on the windows media player, VLC or the other media player of your choice, this is a little bit tricky way, so follow all the steps carefully. It will give high-quality output in downloaded audio files.

Before we begin:

Before you follow this guide, make sure you have Spotify & Deezer accounts because we will be using both of the services in this method to convert Spotify songs to mp3.

The critical thing to note! You must create a Deezer account using an email address. Not through social media login options.

Here we show you the whole process in short: To be able to save Spotify music in mp3 format. You will have to use the free online tool Soundiiz to transfer the playlist, song or album from Spotify to Deezer that you wanted to download. Afterwards, you have to convert the playlist to mp3 using the free software called Deezloader Remix.

1. First things first, To export the Spotify playlist to Deezer, we recommend you try this online tool Soundiiz.

Soundiiz comes with easy to use interface; you will have to sign up on their website to start using the tool. You can use facebook or twitter or Google account for this.

2. Once you are inside the tool, select the Spotify icon and connect your Spotify account with the soundiiz. Afterwards also, connect your Deezer account just as you did for Spotify.

3. Once both accounts are linked, select the Spotify tab. There find the playlist or albums or artists or tracks that you wish to export. Select the songs you like, and click on three dots menu located at the top of the page. In the list, select “Convert to” option.

4. Now a small pop-up tab will appear, make sure the Set privacy as the public is turned on. Click on “save the configuration”. And confirm it.

5. Now you will see the icons of streaming services in the grid layout, select the Deezer platform. The conversion will start immediately, wait for it gets the finish.

6. Once the conversion is complete, all the selected songs should appear in your Deezer account.

7. The first part of the guide is done, now it’s time to convert the songs to mp3 that you had previously exported to Deezer.

8. Deezloader Remix is a free app which you can use to download songs, playlists and albums from your Deezer account. The app is available to download and use for free on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. You can download Deezloader Remix from the download link below.


9. Open Deezloader Remix app, you will be asked for “paste your user token” to log in to the app.

10. Depending on your browser, the steps to get user token code will differ. However, we are explaining the steps for chrome users.

  • To get login user token, open www.deezer.com on chrome and Login to your account once you are logged in.

Press “F12 key > select Applications tab > cookies > www.deezer.com > find the cookie with the name tag “arl” copy the value of that cookie and paste in the Deezloader and click Login.

(If you are using different browser checkout the detailed guide to get user token is in the this link.)

11. Once you are inside the deer loader app, click the “settings” icon located at the top right corner. There you can adjust the underlying preferences of the application as your needs. You need to choose the output directory, and also set the preferred bitrate 320 KB/S which will give good quality audio output. Finally, click on “save changes“.

12. Now come back to chrome and close the developer tools by pressing the F12 key. If you are already in the Deezer page, then find the playlist you wish to download, move your mouse over that playlist. Click on “three dots menu” > select “share” and “copy the link URL”.

13. Go back to the Deezloader Remix app, select the “Download from URL” tab.

14. Paste the copied playlist link in the field and click the “download button” right next to it.

15. It will start downloading the songs to your computer, wait until it’s finished.

At the end If you got a failed message! Just ignore it, all the songs should be saved in the mp3 format on the given output directory. So you have all the selected playlists saved on your computer in mp3 format, which can be easily played on any devices using media players.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free Trial

Did you know there is a Free trial on Spotify Premium for 30 days to new subscribers?. So if you want to try the spotify premium for the first time, spotify lets you try their premium services for 30 days for totally free. Keep in mind that you can only enjoy the free Spotify premium trial once per account.

So if you wanted to try Spotify Premium free for a month, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Spotify website.

2. Click on “Premium” in the top menu.

3. Click on “Start Free Trial”. If you already have account on spotify then login to that and then click on “Premium” in the top menu.

Spotify free trial
4. Now you have to fill the required fields with the necessary informations along with the billing informations.

5. Finally, click on “Start my 30-Days trial” option. Now you can use spotify premium for free 30 days.

Keep in mind that when you are taking free trial on Spotify Premium you are authorizing a subscription to Spotify, so after the end of trial month you will have an automatic charge of $9.99 for continuing the premium subscription. So to avoid getting your card being charged, before the free 30 days trial expire, you must Cancel the Spotify Premium subscription.

In case if you forgot to cancel the subscription, to request a refund you will have 14 days to do from the day when your card got charged.


There you have it, having Spotify free on android, iPhone, Windows and Mac are very simple, except for downloading music from Spotify on desktop since the steps there are way long and tricky. If you still have doubts, scroll back at the top of the guide. From there, pick your preferred method to get Spotify premium depending on what kind of device you own. Follow the step by step guide carefully. That’s it.

Did you find this tutorial easy to follow? Are there other Spotify premium hack you’d like to share? Or are there other ways to use Spotify premium for free you’d like to recommend to us? Let us know in the comments below!


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