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Be aware of the deceptive websites that claims theirselves offer you a large number of Free Spotify Premium Accounts. But, the sad reality is that the login details never work! TechLaCarte is slightly inverse if you compare with the rest of the sites that you have tried!. After trying yourself on using our Free Spotify accounts, you’ll know how delightful your experience with our service. We are here to give you what you were looking for! We update the username passwords everyday, even bad guys changing passwords. We are bringing it all back by resetting password! Do bookmark our page for get updated with Spotify Premium accounts on the go, Spread the world, Follow Us and don’t forget to greet us with your thanks in the comments section.

Spotify is one of those apps of almost every music lovers have downloaded on their smartphone, on the computer and even in the gaming consoles. This online music streaming service offers songs, music tracks podcasts, novels, audiobooks, poetry and comedy tones for listening anytime we want. But, It’s more fun in the spotify when you have a premium plan, we wrote this article for just to give spotify premium account username and password to the folks who are reading this information on our blog. So keep reading this article to know how to get free free spotify premium account and password for your personal use.

Spotify has Free and Premium based subscription options. For those who are using a free account on Spotify forced to listen to songs with some limitations. It was never so easy to access such an extensive library of music, using a free account on Spotify. Also those Advertisements, you need to deal with while listening to music on Spotify. The app is being monetized with both Audio / Video Ads, which repeatedly plays between the time when a song ends and changing to the next one.

The above-said facts are the main reason why you need to get rid of the free account and switch to the Spotify premium Account today. Because if you upgraded your free Spotify account to the premium account, you could enjoy listening to your favourite music without any restrictions and even able to use all the features available on the app.

Moreover, you need to pay for the premium subscription, which will cost you around $10 for a month and is more expensive than a Netflix subscription. It also offers a free trial to try their Premium free for 30 days. After that, you need to pay $9.99 for every month as long as you tend to use the Spotify premium. Of course utmost of the people came from mid-tier family are also wanted to have Spotify premium for bringing the music anywhere they go! But, sadly, don’t have enough funds to purchase the subscription.

Today in TechLaCarte, we wrote this article to help the one who is looking to get a Spotify premium account for free. Of course who doesn’t want to have Spotify premium accounts free in 2024?

We have more than 30 of Spotify Premium Account username and password that we would like to share with you, so that you will have free spotify. In addition to this, we even adding new working free Spotify premium accounts every day, depends on what we can afford on that day. It may be less or more . So guys, be sure to check our site regularly for new free Spotify premium Accounts updates.

Spotify Subscription Plans

Spotify Free Spotify Premium
Price: Free Price: $9.99
✅ Shuffle play ✅ Play any song
❌ Listen offline ✅ Listen offline
❌ No ads ✅ No ads
❌ Unlimited skips ✅ Unlimited skips
❌ High quality audio ✅ High quality audio

Free Spotify Premium Accounts Features

The above-shown subscription table clearly shows the difference between the Free and Premium plans of Spotify. Now we are going to learn about each feature comes with the premium plan in more detail.Spotify Premium Account 2019

Ad free
How many times you feel annoyed of hearing boring advertisement during you listening to your favourite songs. Using our Free Spotify login details you can enjoy your favorite music on spotify absolutely ad free.
Unlimited Skips
You’ve landed into the song or album that you have no interest in? Just skip it. You do not have to worry about skips because its this feature is unlimited with premium account.
High-quality sound
Already knew? Using the Spotify premium accounts 2024, You can personalize the sound of your sound with more bass or a concert hall reverb. Depending on the taste of the music, the streaming service offers different kinds of sound options, which can be used to increase the audio quality. Android users find the appropriate settings under the menu item “Sound quality” and “Equalizer”. Here you can also minimize the sound quality and thus save data volume. Owners of an iPhone, however, go in the settings on the menu item “Play”.
Sleep timer for Songs
Do you like to listen to music while falling asleep at night? Then the sleep timer is the ideal option for you. With it, you can tell spotify how long the music should run alone without hearing any input from you. Spotify will stop playback automatically and stop playing unheard. This also saves battery life. You can activate the sleep timer via the menu, whereby you can choose from preset options between 5 minutes and a maximum of one hour.
Search and Play songs
If you are looking for a specific title, album or artist, you can find them by making use of the search option. You can play any song you wanted using the search feature.
Listen to Spotify offline
It’s the best way to save data on the go: enable offline mode. In this case, you will only listen to your saved podcasts and songs – and Spotify will not play the next songs after the offline playlist finishes.
Create own playlists
Besides, you can create your playlists, something that gives you endless possibilities to group your music and listen anytime.

Spotify Premium Account Username and Password for February 2024

The following table contains a list of Spotify Premium account login details for your personal use. To get free premium account for yourself, you should have to copy paste the given Spotify username and password on the Spotify mod app which you can download below. If the account was not worked, Spotify shows wrong credentials entered? You should then check our page after some time. We would update the email id and password every day, so even if you didn’t get the working account for today. You still have a chance of getting one tomorrow or the next day. Good luck! Let’s see the spotify Premium accounts list for today.

Spotify Premium

Do you want a Personal Spotify account for Yourself?

When using the Spotify accounts that shared on our blog, most people are being interrupted by other users while listening music and won’t be able use it whenever they wants. Because of the reason someone could use it too and if so their playback will be interrupted. On the other hand some bad guys even changing the passwords & email. We can’t do anything to stop this. But, we have a best solution to overcome this. From now on we TechLaCarte decided offer private spotify account for everyone who are interested! If you wish to get a Spotify premium account for your sole use, you can directly request us through the chat. We will make an individual spotify premium account for you and giveaway the login details. The chat can be initiated by clicking the “chat now” button found below and then you will be automatically land into our facebook page with the facebook messenger app. You can start the convo by saying Hi or something, we will get back to you shortly! if you are a PC user the chat now button will take you to the messenger web app, which also can be used to reach us.

FaceBookChat Now!

Spotify Premium Account Screenshot

Spotify Premium Account

As you can see in the attached screenshot, the Spotify account with Premium subscription active and will be up until 22 February 2024.

The Free Spotify Premium Accounts shared on our website are only work with the Spotify premium app which you need to download from our website. Currently We have the premium app available for Android, iOS and Windows Operating systems. So, If you are using the Spotify app downloaded from Google play store or app store, Uninstall it first. Because our accounts won’t let you to use premium features on the apps that are downloaded from the store. So we strongly advise you to follow the steps we shown below, beforehand to use spotify premium for free. You can download the free premium app easily from our website by going through the steps we have shown below.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. First things first, If you already have spotify app installed on your device please uninstall it.

2. Download the Spotify premium app from the download links we given depending on what device you are using.

Spotify premium App for Android



Spotify Premium

Download Spotify++ for iOS




Download Spotify for Windows




3. Once you have downloaded the right app for your device install it & then use any of the email & password from our list of free spotify premium accounts to login. Now you are able to use all the premium features free.

Important Update!
Added 50 more Spotify Accounts today!
All The Account logins are most recently Updated on 10 February 2024 & Tested Working!
Please make sure to try every account, until you get the working one.


Do not use these credentials to login on official spotify website or app that you downloaded from app store or play store, As it’s not going to work on it. Only use it in the Spotify mod app that you downloaded from our website.


For mobile users: swipe the table right and left to view the full informations. ie, (Passwords, Region & Gender)
spotifydiana@techlacarte.comit$diane$001United StatesF
zacharysbaby@techlacarte.comzac4treyz3&#UNITED STATESF
Steefcampmans@techlacarte.comeCefcb0pRE#United KingdomM
Dirkjansietzen@techlacarte.comank$js^3etUnited KingdomM
Henkjanteveldhuis@techlacarte.comkjantevel00United KingdomM
Maritterbeke@techlacarte.comMaritwtfc1United KingdomF
Marliesheuves@techlacarte.comarlie*hfa1#United KingdomF
Account Not working?

Please Report to us If the Spotify premium account not worked for you!


Everything may seems fine, but there also a downside of using these accounts, is that we are not allowed to download music from Spotify as mp3 to store on your device because of DRM. However, actually it’s possible to download Spotify songs using our list of Top 5 recommended Spotify downloader apps for windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Check it out if you really need to listen Spotify offline.

Note: The above listed account login details are only for the use of educational purposes. NO reposting allowed and we are not sharing cracked, hacked spotify premium accounts here, We are only publishing after getting permission from the account holders. And some of the accounts were generated by spotify premium accounts generator, If you are unable to login then try uninstalling the spotify app and install the modified spotify premium app then try these accounts.

Special Tip!

Did you know about the Spotify premium App for Android? Previously in our blog, we have talked about it. With the Spotify premium app, you can enjoy listening to your favourite songs without those annoying Ads; you can create your playlists, skip unlimited, search for a song, album, artist and play any song you like! Isn’t it cool? Download the Spotify premium apk right now on your smartphone and enjoy Spotify premium for free.

Spotify Premium Promo codes

The so-called Promo codes are the one time usable top-up cards, which can be found at the supermarkets, shopping malls and online stores. If a Spotify user wants to upgrade to the Spotify premium using the redeem code, the user is required to buy a Spotify premium code from the said shops and scratch the top-up card to view the unique code that can be used to upgrade account at the Spotify’s official website. We are sharing some of the promo codes we bought to give away to our users. Below you can find the list of free Spotify premium codes which can be redeemed at the Spotify app or website.

Spotify Premium Code (1 Month)
Spotify Premium Code (2 Months)
Spotify Premium Code (3 Months)
Spotify 6 Months Premium Code
Spotify 1 Year Premium Code
The codes are one time usable only, if the above seen codes are didn’t work for you?. Maybe the code was used by someone else already. You should have to wait for some time and check our page again later. We try to keep update this page with the new spotify premium codes. While you are waiting you can try other ways which makes the possibility to use spotify premium free such as Spotify premium apk.

Instead of buying Spotify music premium subscription, its better you should try get Spotify Premium for free using one of the shared spotify premium accounts free here. Or you can even listen to some of the songs from Spotify on YouTube for free. Moreover, nowadays, a massive chunk of people use the music streaming service Spotify. If you do not want to sign up for a premium subscription right now, but still wanted to try the premium features to see the experience, then you can always look for ways to get Spotify premium accounts for free. Wait! Do you also like watching TV shows and movies online? We recommend you try Netflix mod apk, the android app that lets you watch netflix for free without having Netflix account. If you are using different operating system you should check out our guide on 7 ways to Get Netflix for free! We hope this article help you with get free Spotify accounts, do bookmark this page for getting updated with the latest reports. Also, share this information with your friends and social media.



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