Do you want to save spotify music or album or playlist to listen later? But, don’t know how? Do not despair, take a look at our top 6 recommendations on Free Spotify Downloader apps for mobile & PC.

The way we listen to music has been changing subtly in the last years. We’ve been accustomed to carry our favorite songs & artists always with us since the introduction of the Walkman a few decades ago, but it was only when the iPod came out that we started to be able to carry every single piece of music we own at the same time. Now, thanks to Spotify and Apple Music, the stakes are higher – we can now listen to almost any track in existence, wherever we want, whenever we want… as long as we have an Internet connection available.

These apps can be really good but, we won’t have a Wi-Fi connection available at all times, so we shouldn’t entirely rely on them. It would be careless to not have our favorite tracks downloaded into our smartphone or PC. Luckily Spotify allows you to download songs and specific playlists to listen to when you’re offline but, unluckily it’s only available for those who use Spotify premium account which would cost around $10 a month. Something not everyone can afford. Thankfully, there are other ways to to download music from Spotify without Premium subscription, and we bring them here, in our current article – the best Spotify downloaders for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Spotify downloaders can download individual songs, albums, or complete playlists. The list of Spotify downloaders online for PC, or available in Spotify premium APKs for our Android devices, can be huge, and it may be overwhelming if you just want to choose one to download your music quickly. Therefore, we have selected the Top 6 best Spotify downloaders that will allow you to download songs from Spotify for free, without having a premium account. Keep reading!

Top 6 Spotify Downloader for Android, iOS, Windows & Mac


Always remember: if one option isn’t working for you, you can always try another one. Try to use various downloaders, and stick with the one you think it’s the best or the most comfortable one. All of the downloaders mentioned below are free and work without having a premium Spotify account.

1. Deezloader Remix (High Quality Mp3) – Discontinued!

We have already talked about this software in our previous blog post about the ways to get spotify premium for free. The best thing about this tool is that, while the most spotify downloader apps are just functioning as recorder tool and won’t give High quality mp3. The Deezloader remix software lets you download Spotify music at the high quality mp3 format with the 320 Kbps bit rate. And also, the Spotify downloader tool is completely free to use, so what could be more better than this!

Deezloader is an app available for PC, Mac, and Linux users, that allows you to download songs, albums, and complete playlists from your Spotify account, for free. However, it’s not a standalone downloader. We will be using several tools together to download music from spotify in high quality. So read the steps carefully and make sure to do the prerequisites.

Before we begin

Before we start this, you should know about the tools that we going to use in this method.

external-linkSoundiiz | using this free web based app you can transfer your Spotify playlists to Deezer.

external-linkDeezer | Deezer is also a music streaming service like spotify. You must need to have an account on Deezer or sign up for one. So that you can transfer your playlists to Deezer.

Pro Tip: You must create a Deezer account using an email address (not using social media apps). Because it won’t work if you login with social media options.

external-linkDeezloader Remix | Deezloader Remix is a free and powerful tool that allow you to download songs and playlists from the streaming service Deezer.

If you have all the above said things ready, this method should easy for you to use. The steps to get this done correctly are very easy to follow, and the best part is that you can have the songs in the best possible quality. So we strongly recommend using this method if you really want best audio quality.

If you already own and use a Deezer account and songs you want to export are on your playlists there, you can start reading from step 5.

Part: 1 | Transfer Spotify Songs to Deezer

First, you must export your Spotify playlists, songs to Deezer, since you will be downloading spotify songs from deezer.

1. To transfer your music to Deezer, we recommend you to use Soundiz. It’s a free web app that does the job. You must sign up on the Soundiz site to use the tool. After registration, click on the Spotify icon and connect your Spotify account with Soundiz. And also Connect your Deezer account as well.

2. After having both services connected, Select the “Spotify tab”. You’ll see your playlists: find the ones you wish to export. Select the songs you like, click on the “three-dots” icon at the top of the page, and click on the “Convert to” option.

3. A small tab will pop up. Make sure the privacy options are set as “Public”. Save your settings and confirm the conversion. Select “Deezer” as the destined streaming service, and the conversion will start.

Part: 2 | Downloading Songs from Deezer

Now you have your Spotify songs synced with the Deezer also. As a next step we will be downloading them, you can use Deezloader Remix to download the songs in MP3 or other lossless format. You can download and install the Deezloader Remix software from the download link given below.



Deezloader Remix

1. Open the Deezloader remix app. You will be asked to enter your “user token”. To get it, enter the Deezer website on your Chrome browser, and log in to your deezer account. Once you’re logged in, “press F12” to open dev tools. Select the “Applications tab”, go to the “Cookies” section and select “”. Find the cookie with the name “arl”, copy the value that appears in said cookie, paste it on Deezloader remix app, and click on “Login” button.

2. Once you’re logged in Deezloader remix, click on the “Settings” icon. You can adjust the output format as you see fit – you could select 320 kbps to obtain a standard MP3, or the FLAC format if you want something even better. Click on “Save Changes” when you’re done.

3. Go back to your Chrome browser. Close the developers tools then browse through your’s music library and find the playlist or music you wish to download from Deezer. Click on the “three-dots” menu button, then on “Share” and finally on Copy the link URL.

4. Back again on Deezloader remix, select the “Download from URL” option. Paste the playlist or song link you’ve just copied from Deezer and click on “Download”.
Deezloader RemixDownload Spotify Playlist to mp3

That’s it – the download should start right after the last step. If you get a failed message, ignore it – it’s usually a false positive. Your selected songs should be now available for you to listen anywhere, anytime!

2. AllTomp3 – Windows, Mac & Linux

It’s another free spotify downloader like the previous one, is a multi-purpose download tool that allows the user to download music from various sources – mainly Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, and YouTube. It is available for PC, Mac, and Linux.

This Spotify downloader gives you the MP3 music files matching the Spotify tracks with YouTube videos, and downloading them in said format. While this practice can simplify things for you, the quality of the songs won’t be as good as the one you’ll get using our previous method. If you’re just looking for an app that functions as an MP3 converter for Spotify, you shouldn’t worry too much – this one will do the trick.

3. SpotyDL

This one is one of the oldest spotify music downloader apps in our list – already up & running in 2013, Spotydl is a legacy Spotify downloader available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users.

It has a couple of options for you to enjoy your music without having an Internet connection: you can use Download mode to get the song in MP3 format (looking at various mp3 sites until one of them matches a track with the song you’re looking for), or you can use Record mode to capture the audio you’re listening (with its obvious implications and limitations).

The devs have had legal trouble in the past with this app, and Spotydl currently seems to lack support from a dev team. Proceed with caution, and if the app isn’t working for you, try another one of the methods we’re mentioning here.

4. Spotify Downloader for Android, iOS & PC (Telegram Bot)

If you know Telegram, maybe you already know about how handy Telegram bots can be. You can create (or get) one for practically everything. Music downloads aren’t the exception – there are Telegram bots that work as Spotify downloaders, too. The one we’re looking for here goes by the name of @SpotifyMusicDownloaderBot, and it does not require any kind of setup or personal info.

Spotify Downloader for AndroidSpotify url to mp3

Just type /start and the bot will initiate functions. After this, with just pasting a Spotify track link, the bot will give you the music file, ready for download. It is available for all the platforms that support Telegram. If you don’t have telegram app, you can download it from the link found below.



5. Spotify Music Downloader – Chrome Extension

This one is a Spotify MP3 downloader for Chrome. As such, it will work in any device available to run and use Chrome extensions. However, it works for more pages than just Spotify – you can also download tracks from Deezer, Vk, and SoundCloud if you wish to.

Spotify DownloaderSpotify Downloader Chrome

The greatest asset of this software lies in its simplicity: it’s not hard to configure and use a Chrome extension. Do you want to download one track? Click on one button. Do you want to download an entire playlist instead? Still, you can do it just by clicking one button. This option makes life easier, and it must be considered if you love easy things because this is as easy as it can get.

6. PlaylistConverter (online)

PlaylistConverter is an online Spotify music downloader, something different from the rest of the options in this list. You can convert your Spotify songs and playlists to MP3 online using this site.

spotify downloader onlineSpotify music downloader online

The site is a little rudimentary, but effective and easy to use. You can paste your playlist links from Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, among other options, or you can do it with just plain text, too. To use the Spotify option, you need to have a Spotify account. If you have one, log in and choose a Spotify URL to start converting your songs or playlists to MP3.


That’s all for now. As times keep changing, so will the ways we listen to and store music. But in the meantime, we should enjoy what we have – amazing apps like Spotify won’t go anywhere! And with these downloaders at the palm of your hand, you won’t go anywhere without your favorite music either. Choose the best one for you, and enjoy? Do you also want to try other spotify premium features for free? we recommend you read our top 5 ways to get spotify premium for free (all of them are working as of December 2023).

Have you had previous experiences with other Spotify downloaders? Do you think they’re better than the ones we’ve chosen for this top 6? Tell us more in the comment section!


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