Are you an avid PS4, PS3 or PS Vita gamer? Is PlayStation the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning? Do you even dream about it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone and you’re in the right place.

If you want more PS4 or can’t get enough of PS3, boost your gaming power with a subscription to PlayStation Plus. PSN Plus is the hot ticket to some great PSN benefits. The biggest benefit for avid gamers is, naturally, the games. This cool opportunity gives you discounts on PlayStation titles and the chance to download two games each month to play free. You also get access to the online multiplayer app and some other nice, exclusive offers.

What’s the catch? Well, you’ve got to pay for this PlayStation power. And at around $10, it’s not cheap and not something everyone can afford or wants to pay. After all, you’ve already paid decent money for the console, so why pay out again every month for a subscription?

The good news? You can get free PlayStation gift cards and free PlayStation codes to help pay for your subscription or buy cool games and add-ons for a discount. We’ve done the hard work so you can simply pick your favourite method of earning free PSN codes, for zero cash and in just a few simple steps.

9 Ways to Get Free PSN Codes & Gift Cards in December 2022

Our tried-and-tested methods include different ways to look for, earn and grab absolutely free PSN codes. Some include surveys to complete and apps to download, which may take a little more time, but it definitely gets you real PSN codes, which you can redeem directly on the official PlayStation website and set your PS Plus subscription free. Other methods include signing up for free trials and taking advantage of offers.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to earn free PSN card codes in the comfort of your home, just using your smartphone or PC – read on to find out how!

Important Update!
The PSN Gift Card Giveaway ended at 04 March 2022, Winner name announced!
We request the winner to claim their $10 PSN Gift Card within 3 days. In case of fails to claim the prize within the said time period, we may give it to the waitlist winners!
Please check the Winner Announcement Board to see the list of PSN giveaway winners.

TechLaCarte PSN Gift Card Giveaway 2022

Enter to win yourself a $10 PSN Gift Card redeem code for free!. Participate now and try your luck.

psn storeWin a $10 PSN Gift Card!

TechLaCarte PSN Gift Card Giveaway

Prize information: $10 PSN Gift Card

psn gift cards

Terms & Conditions

👉 Contest Ending Date: 04th, March, 2022.

👉 Additional entries: If you own multiple email ids, you can use them all to make extra entries for yourself. By doing so, you can increase the chance of winning this giveaway. You can also invite your friends to participate in our giveaway contest.

👉 Daily entry: The task “Read a Blog post fully” and some are allow you to let you make entry daily. So make sure to visit our website everyday to see if you there is a chance to make another entry. The more entries you make, you will have more chance to win.

👉 Winner announcement: Winner name will be announced here as soon as the contest ends.

👉 Number of Prizes: (1) $10 PSN Card. We randomly pick 1 winner from the participants. And display their name, location here.

👉 To claim your Prize: We usually notify the winners through E-mail, If you see your name in the winnerboard. You need to claim your prize within 4 days. In case of failure in claiming your prize, we will pick another winner randomly from the participants and giveaway the gift card.

Winner Announcement Board!

trophyThis Week Giveaway Winners List (Ended at 04 March)
NameState, CountryPrize Claim Status
userJev ken
Edmonton, AB, CanadaEmailed

👉 Are you wondering with the terms we used? Well, we will tell you What does this means:

Email sent – An email has been sent by techlacarte to the winner, That mentioning that she/he won the giveaway contest and the PSN Card is ready to be claimed.  But, We are still awaiting response from the user to start the Prize claiming process.

Claimed – We already got a response from the winner and sent the $10 PSN Gift Card redeem code.

Failed – The winner has not responded to our email for the last 3 days. So we’ve selected another winner from the waitlist.

To claim your prize, you need to contact us through email or facebook page.

💬 Chat Now! or ✉ Email Now!

March 04th Giveaway waitlist winners!

Waitlist Winners – Waitlist winners aren’t actually the giveaway winners, but we will announce them as a winner. If a giveaway winner fails to claim their PSN Gift Card.

NameState, CountryWinning Status
userHussein redaTyre, JA, LebanonWaitlist
userKyron Darko
Arica, AP, Chile
userShamaiya Dunn
Jonesboro, GA, USA
userViet Nguyen
Hoi An, Vietnam
userJolly Doronio
Quezon City, Philippines
userJohn Carlo Bolanto
Davao City, Philippines
userJake ferris
Trinity, NC, USA
userJacob ogilvie
United KingdomWaitlist
userJohn Lewis
Baghdad, BG, Iraq
Münster, NW, Germany
userNate Thomas JrFayetteville, NC, USA
userJacob ogilvie
United Kingdom
userRyan Miranda
Batangas, Philippines
userJosh x
San Fernando, SFO, Trinidad and TobagoWaitlist
userAshley Duran
San Jose, CA, USAWaitlist

👉 Next Giveaway: We will run this giveaway contest every month. Next giveaway starts on 06 March 2022

If you already a winner of the past giveaway, You can still participate in our future giveaways. There are no limitations or restrictions applied when making multiple entries and participate on the future contests .

This is our very first time to run an online giveaway contest for free PSN codes. If you are already familiar with TechLaCarte you may already know about the other freebies that we offer exclusively for our readers. It’s like a loyalty gift from us to make you stay with us. We assure you that TechLaCarte is a 100% legitimate sweepstakes website, you can participate on our giveaway with full-hope.

How to Participate in Giveaway

Who all wants to win a free PSN Gift card by participating on our giveaway contest. They must have meet the entry requirements in order to make successful entry to the contest. If you need help, just follow our step-by-step guide on making a successful entry.

1. At first login to our giveaway with Email (Recommended) or Facebook or Instagram or twitter. Now you have 4 ways to enter in the giveaway.

2. Now you have to choose the first task labeled “Like TechLaCarte on Facebook”.

  • This will expand the info of the selected entry point. There click on the “Visit our page” button.
  • This will take you the facebook page of our website, Hit the “Like” button on our facebook page and close  the tab.
  • (Ignore this if you already logged in) Now click the “Continue button” and fill your name and email. 

3. Click on the 2nd entry task which labeled “Read a Blog post fully”, this will load the entry form. Fill your name and email, if asked. 

  • Click the “Read now!” button. This will open a blog article, you just need to read the article fully and you will earn the entry points instantly.

In case if you are new to our website, we recommend you to also try our weekly Netflix Account Giveaway, where 4 lucky entrants will be randomly picked (every week) and get emailed the account login details. We are also giving away spotify premium accounts for free, if you need one for yourself make sure to check on the link.

Take a Look at the Free PSN Codes List (October 2022)

Check out the fastest and easiest way ever to get your hands on PlayStation plus free codes. Are you suspicious of how easy this is? Don’t be – these are free PSN card codes that work. Just grab one of the free PSN codes from our PSN codes list and redeem it instantly on the PlayStation website. Our codes list is usually updated every day and we regularly come up with new codes. If you don’t see something here, check back again soon. The following table contains unused PSN codes that work in October 2022.

PSN Gift Card CodesValidity
DHAY-SKCL-BU4U14 Days Free Trial

Free PlayStation Plus Gift Card with New Console!

Have you been lucky enough to receive or buy a brand-new PlayStation? If so, you may get a free PS plus gift card inside the console package. If you bought your device online the digital code will be sent to your email. And if you bought your console as part of the special day sale, and if you are lucky enough, you even get a valid PS plus gift card valid for one year.


You’ll probably realise that you’ve received free PSN codes. If you already have the console but you’re not sure whether your package comes with PS plus gift cards or not, contact the seller and ask if your package comes with these free PSN codes.

Trick to Get Unlimited Free PS Plus (Glitch found!)

So, you wanted to take a free ride on PS Plus forever. Did you know that? Anyone who sign up for PS Plus Membership for the first time can get a free 14-day trial for PS Plus! That’s two weeks of PS Plus content without paying a cent and without having to do anything for free PSN redeem codes. This free trial is also a really great way to check out the subscription site and see if it really is for you. It’s simple to sign up for this free trial (see below). But did you know that it’s possible to get an unlimited free trial on PS Plus!

We are going describe how this glitch gonna workout. The PS Plus trial system identifies new users by their email ID and the payment method used to sign up. So, if you want to take another free ride on PS plus, you must sign out of the current account on your console and create a new account with a different email address on the PlayStation network. Then you activate your free trial using different payment information.

That’s it – as long as you have many different email accounts and several credit cards and debit cards on hand you are good to go. If you have used all your cards, try getting your friends or family members to help out with theirs.

Steps to Activate Your 14-Day Free Trial:

  • First, go to the PlayStation Plus page by clicking the link found below.
  • Click on the “Start Free Trial” button. This will take you to the PlayStation store where you can grab the free trial.

Free PS Plus Trial

  • Click the “Subscribe” button.

Free PS Plus Codes

  • Now sign into your PlayStation account (note, this free trial only works if you have never subscribed to PS plus membership before). Or, sign up for a new account.
  • Now add your preferred payment method. Don’t worry you will not be charged until the trial period ends.
And remember, you’ve got to cancel the subscription before the trial ends, otherwise your payment card will be automatically charged. If you are signing up for multiple free trials it is a good idea to have a list of your billing dates so you can cancel before each trial expires. Or, better still, create reminders on your phone or PC so it doesn’t slip your mind.

Because it would be a real pain to find you’re suddenly being charged for your free subscription.

Tip: If you play roblox we recommend you try our roblox promo codes list which would help you unlock some cool objects in game.

Find Online Giveaways & Free PSN Codes WebSites

Are you feeling lucky? Well, you’ve got to be in it to win it, as they say. You may think your chances of winning a real PSN codes giveaway are slim, but someone’s got to be the lucky one. There are many YouTubers and social media sites giving away free PSN redeem codes. All you’ve normally got to do to be in with a chance of winning is subscribe to the YouTube channel, or like their page, or give them a follow. If you like the guy (or girl) on the channel, you’ll probably want to do this anyway.

Be a little bit careful that the giveaway is legit. There are people out there who claim that they’ll give away free PSN codes no surveys, downloads or human verification required but then it never actually happens. To be in with a better chance of actually getting a free set of PlayStation plus free trial codes and not getting scammed, choose a blogger or YouTuber with a big following, or a legit company that is very active on social media.

It’s a great idea to follow some of the bigger techie channels who regularly give away amazing prizes.


Another best way to find the giveaways happening on the particular website is taking advantage of “advanced search” feature in Google. For example, Reddit, facebook, twitter, instagram and vk are the popular social networking sites where you can look for a giveaway. You can search across these websites for giveaways using advanced google search technique. If you want to find the target subreddit for PSN giveaways or the address of a useful tech site, use this in Google Advanced Search so that Google looks for your keywords (something like PS4 giveaways or PSN competition) on a specific website.

For example to find all the topics relevant to PSN Giveaway from, You can ask google like this: “PSN Giveaway” this will filter all the topics and subreddits talking about the PSN giveaway.

If you don’t get any luck with a particular keyword, try another. And also make sure you set the date range for the last few weeks or month since any older and the giveaways won’t be valid.

Free PS Plus Codes at PayPrizes

PayPrizes is another legitimate code-earning site where you can earn points for some nice, free PSN codes. Again, you need an email address to create a new account on the site. Then, download apps, check off tasks and visit websites in order to see your points stack up. Exchange your points for gift cards or steam wallet codes. Simple.

Free PS Plus Codes at PayPrizes

Does it work? As we explained above, it does take time to amass points. But if you’re going to be messing around online anyway, you might as well be putting some points away for your free PSN codes. It doesn’t take much to sign up, so it’s a quick way to get some codes for free. If you feel boring while doing surveys we recommend you try playing some music around with our free spotify premium app on your phone. For desktop users as an alternative try our spotify premium account list to enjoy your favourite music at extreme quality.

Get Rewards on PSNReward

How does PSNReward work? This is a way of earning free PlayStation gift cards by signing up to the site with your email address and your details, and then completing simple tasks like completing surveys, filling out forms, and playing games. You earn points on the site, which can then be exchanged for PlayStation plus free gift cards.

Free PSN Codes

There’s no limit on how many points you can earn, although do keep in mind that it is not a quick process to get enough points for all the gift cards on PSN you want. Many people find that they can get points over the long term, by quickly completing a few surveys or playing some games while they wait for something to download, or while they have a few moments before a class starts. This is a good strategy since it can get a bit boring filling out forms for hours at a time!

Swagbucks PSN Redeem Codes

If you’ve heard of SwagBucks you may be thinking, is SwagBucks legal and legit? Is it worth using this site to get some free PlayStation points? This is an online platform where you shop online, visit sites, fill out surveys, and more in order to collect points that can be used for cards.

The site has a good reputation and the best way to use it to generate the free PSN codes is to integrate it into your everyday life – for example, install the SwagBucks button on your PC so you always get rewards when you shop online. Aside from this swagbuck also a popular site to get free amazon gift cards, Xbox live Gift Cards, Google play Gift cards and much more.

Sell Gift Card for Cash or Exchange it

If you don’t feel like spending time on the internet completing surveys and checking out videos, try to gain some useful free PSN codes by swapping or trading codes. For example, think about the person who got some PSN codes for their birthday but doesn’t play PSN and doesn’t want them (I know, it’s hard to imagine.) Maybe their boyfriend gave them some codes, but they really want something else. You can’t return codes once they have been purchased, but you can sell them or swap them.

Check out the places online where people want to get rid of their PSN codes so they can get their hands on something else. , and other auction sites are good places. Or on the reddit community, you can normally find lots of people wanting to swap codes. You’ve got to be quick and a bit careful that the seller / exchanger is legit, but it can be a great way of picking up some codes for free.

Free PSN Code Generator Hacks 2022: Do They Actually Work?

So, you don’t feel like signing up to a website where you can earn free PS gift cards. And you really don’t want to sign up for a free trial. How are you going to play new PSN games and get access to PlayStation Plus for free? How do you get free PS4 game codes no survey required? Ah, look – a free PSN code generator! This PSN card generator says you can actually generate your own codes for free, and there’s no hassle and no catch. Can the playstation gift card codes or secret number generators be true?

In a word: no.

You really cannot generate your own free codes with a PSN card generator, particularly by simply logging onto a website. The sites that offer free codes without you having to do a thing are designed to collect your personal info so you, at best, get swamped with spam and, at worst, your identity gets stolen. Look carefully at the site – many are designed to resemble the official PlayStation sites – and if it’s not the official site and it claims you can get something for nothing, steer clear. Our advice is, you should never try those PS Plus hack websites always remember what we said.

Wrapping up

The only way to get real PSN codes is with one of our first eight methods. So, what are you waiting for? Start bagging free PSN codes today – the easy way. We hope you found this information helpful! Is this guide easy to understand? Do you want to let us know other methods to get updated with this article? Go ahead and leave us a comment below. Do you want a free netflix account? Don’t forget to enter our weekly netflix account giveaway.


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